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About Us

At ZSAUNA Infrared Sauna Studio, our goal is to be the industry leaders in the rejuvenating sauna experience. Our “innovator” status, excellence in customer service, and Franchise support services are the hallmarks on which our company was built. Our future growth plans include opening additional corporate and franchised locations as well as growing the sauna services market. We welcome you to be a part of these achievements by joining the ZSAUNA Infrared Sauna Studio Family!

ZSAUNA Infrared Sauna Studio was born in 2015 after President and CEO, Allie T. Mallad embarked on a revolutionary business venture with Sunlighten, manufacturer of the world’s first and only smart saunas to offer full spectrum infrared technology.

This new venture created by Mallad and Aaron Zack, CEO of Sunlighten and also Chief Operating Officer of ZSAUNA, allows clients to access full spectrum infrared saunas through one time use or membership based programs. ZSAUNA Infrared Sauna Studios can help clients to lower blood pressure, lose weight, improve concentration, release toxins, reduce stress, rejuvenate their cells and skin, and increase energy along with many other health benefits.

Sunlighten’s full spectrum infrared saunas that are used at the ZSAUNA Infrared Sauna Studio locations are different than conventional saunas because infrared sauna therapy heats the body directly, rather than simply warming the air and it raises the core body temperature to produce a deep, healthy and detoxifying sweat at the cellular level, where most toxins reside. Full spectrum infrared saunas can burn up to 300 calories in just 40 minutes and can also support blood pressure reduction and weight loss.  Sunlighten’s infrared saunas have been featured on numerous shows such Dr. Oz, Ellen and The Doctors. It has also been featured in multiple health and wellness magazines including Healthy Living.

ZSAUNA’s service offerings will increase overall wellness benefits and create more value for consumers. Mallad developed ZSAUNA with the mindset of providing “a sauna luxury that everyone can afford,” while preserving an enriched client experience and ensuring “healthy buildings and healthy bodies.”

Everyone has an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of Sunlighten’s full spectrum infrared saunas at ZSAUNA Infrared Sauna Studio locations. By participating in both massage therapy and infrared sauna therapy, the health benefits for clients are endless. These “game-­changing” services from ZSAUNA will allow clients to de-­stress, detoxify and increase their focus and energy.

The company expects future growth to encompass both franchise and corporate-owned locations. “Our ideal franchisee has a great attitude, is good with people and is community-oriented,” Mallad said. “We look for driven people who are able to follow our proven ZSAUNA system and are committed to this brand and to working hard.”

Mallad is sure that ZSAUNA is concept that will not just benefit its owners, but the communities it enters as well. “We are under so much stress today,” he said. “We need to be good to ourselves. That is what I am doing here – providing a way for more people to be good to themselves and to distress and detoxify.”


An aggressive growth strategy

Strong Leadership

A unique position in the marketplace – upscale, yet affordable

Membership-based business model

Outstanding marketing, training and corporate support

Robust Training

Complete store build-out customized to your location